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Dog Size Chart

How do I use this size chart?

Note: Method 1 is the most accurate method for determining proper size.

Method 1: Measure Your Dog
To measure, you can use either a flexible tape measure or a piece of string (or anything else you can use to wrap around your dog). If you don't have a flexible tape measure and instead use string (or something similar), simply wrap the string around the area to be measured. Once you know how much string wraps around the area, you can measure that length of string with a traditional tape measure or a ruler. Look up this measurement in the table below to determine which size is most appropriate for your dog.

Method 2: Estimate by Your Dog's Weight
If you're unable to measure your dog, look up his/her weight in the table below to estimate the proper size.

Method 3: Estimate by Size
If you're buying apparel as a gift and know neither the measurements or weight of the dog, you can look at the images at the bottom of this page to estimate the proper size. Note that the sizes shown in this graphic are for apparel only (not collars, bandanas or scarves).